Airbox is built on innovation

Research and development allows us to remain on the leading edge of the innovation curve and to address the needs and challenges of our customers.

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Drone Integration

Drones are increasingly purchased by organisations to enhance operations but are they really being used to their full potential?

Our development team has developed a simple user interface between a number of commonly used commercial UAV’s and our MOSAIC application.

Commanders can now remotely task drones whilst receiving video feeds and overhead ‘live maps’ even if they are located many miles away from the action.


Eye-Send was developed as a means for Commanders and their teams to gain an operational advantage in the field by giving users access to third party smartphones’ camera and location data.

The technology is available now on MOSAIC and ACANS.

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3D Map View

Sometimes seeing your position and those of your fellow team mates just isn’t enough which is why we created a 3D map view mode for MOSAIC & ACANS enabling users to view their location on a map that’s overlaid onto an accurate terrain model.

Predictive Modelling

The concept of calculating and visualising predicted outcomes for events and scenarios is a reality for many organisations today.

Airbox applications can interface with many providers of machine learning predictive solutions providing a strong map-based visual platform on which to display results.

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ACANS is the most complete Aircraft Navigation System for aircrew and commanders alike, supporting every stage of a mission.


MOSAIC is the ultimate situational awareness tool for field professionals.