Introducing ACANS for air operations

ACANS takes Airbox’ award winning RunwayHD consumer navigation application and extends it for specialist users such as HEMS, SAR, Police and Military. Unique in aviation, this gives end users the advantage of fast paced, agile consumer development, combined with the specialist features needed to complete complex, often dangerous missions.

Designed to deliver safety and operational effectiveness, ACANS features a large number of completely unique functions which are operationally proven and have been developed directly with some of the most experienced pilots in the world.

Instantly deployable, infinitely configurable and offering secure operation on all devices and workstations, ACANS is a cost effective and powerful tool to revolutionise your airborne tasking.

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Enabling our users to work faster and smarter

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Faster Flight Planning

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Pilot Workload Reduction

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Increased Safety Confidence

Without doubt Airbox ACANS has kept the crew and myself safe numerous times and it provides valuable situational awareness in a very demanding reactive role…

UK HEMS Captain

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The unique ACANS proposition

ACANS has been developed by a tight team of pilots and specialists. By having regular engagement sessions with end users, we ensure that the people writing the software really understand what functions are being created and why; that leads to better, more innovative software.  This closeness to our end users allows new ideas to be constantly tested and refined. When you join the Airbox community, you also have the opportunity to contribute to its future.

Get the job done

By bringing together so much information into one place and making it easy to access, ACANS reduces cognitive burden. Weather, NOTAM and terrain information gives more informed go/no go decisions. Power line, airspace, terrain and TCAS warnings en route, allow the pilot more headspace to concentrate on the task of flying the aircraft without worrying about the environment. Better information about things happening on the ground, such as aerial imagery, tracking and intelligence feeds, deliver better mission outcomes.

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Enhance aircraft utility

By getting more information into the aircraft and allowing users to communicate visually with ground and maritime assets, ACANS enhances the utility of aircraft. Users of ACANS have been able to transform missions of types where previously commanders would not have considered the use of aircraft.


ACANS software and data is secured with end-to-end AES-256 encryption. ACANS conforms to CJIS Security Policy version 5.3 and US standard FIPS 140, and adheres strictly to the most current NCSC Security Guidelines.

Airbox Systems provides assured data-in-transit and data-at-rest protection at all times with secure authentication, platform integrity and application sandboxing where applicable.

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